Save The Girl Child

wet jh










Every day sun rises with new opportunities, new challenges, new hopes. Forget about that yesterday, which had been dark . Today is the day to do something wonder . Problems, difficulties in your life didn’t came to put you down . overall they makes you more firm and stronger . ‘Change is needed’ so, change your mindset . Take problems and difficulties as challenges and convert that challenges into opportunities and proof yourself . When we are sick and caught by the diseases , we don’t want but then also we have to take bitter medicines, which gives us strength to fight with the diseases . Same in the life also , we don’t like to eat bitter medicines same we don’t like to face problems. But then also we have to face . These difficulties , problems makes us more stronger and experienced. To escape from problems is not the solution . To face the problem,that will find the solution. Because the sun rises it sets also same as the problems ,the dark rises it sets also . But ‘The LIFE Going On’ .Motivation , sunrise , life, how to deal with problems ,